Jessica. 20.
Sydney, Australia.
omg yess watching right now!!

How good is it though! Round 1 - all the Aussies have won their heats! :DDD

what about the other heats?
by Anonymous

Okayyyyyyyyyyy (bolded are my favs and yes they’re all the Aussies cause obviously :P)


Heat 1 

  • Courtney Conlogue vs Malia Manuel vs Alessa Quizon

Heat 2

  • Sally Fitzgibbons vs Coco Ho vs Alana Blanchard

Heat 3

  • Carissa Moore vs Dimity Stoyle vs Zoe Clarke 

Heat 4 

  • Tyler Wright vs Pauline Ado vs Nikki van Dijk

Heat 5

  • Stephanie Gilmore vs Laura Enever vs Joanne Defay

Heat 6 

  • Bianca Buitendag vs Lakey Peterson vs Paige Hareb